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Growing food instead of lawns is good, but can we PLEASE stop with the condescending bullshit that implies that people who choose to grow lawns must only being doing it for shallow ‘sheepish’ reasons?

Maybe instead of snidely saying ‘trying to impress your neighbors?’ give people instructions on how to work with and/or fight their home owner’s association, how to appeal to a landlord, how to address local ordinances, and how to grow stealth food crops as ornamental plants in areas where food gardening is banned. Seriously, they will come bulldoze your shit and then bill you for it.

We need more posts instructing people how to guerrilla garden and found community gardens, and fewer posts saying ‘You only have a lawn because you’re shallow and vain and stupid!’

^^^ Also some people live in places where they aren’t allowed to not have a lawn. I kind of live in such a place. I have a lawn & gardeners come by twice a week to mow it. Now, if I had my choice, this hilly front lawn would be terraced and have fruit trees, grapes and succulents. It’s not my house, so I get no say. However, I am going to start growing more stuff in the deader areas now that asshole neighor is gone.

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